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About Us

Following a 'long' career in event catering in Scotland, UK I emigrated to Canada in 2007 and choose to spend my time developing products that my fellow catering friends and I felt were lacking.  My engineering mind and shrewd Scottish principles have allowed me to hone my skills and working with a local Canadian fabricator we have developed a range of unique, simple, strong, functional catering equipment, designed to solve some of the hassles of off-site catering.

Storage, ease of use, weatherproof, portable and made strong to last are some of the key benefits of our equipment.  All of our products are completely Canadian made, using only high-grade North American Steel.

We ship directly all over the world and our diverse range of clients include caterers, butchers, ranch owners, party rental shops, fire stations and BBQ enthusiasts.

If you have any ideas for other products that we should add to our range then send them over to me, I love a challenge and am currently working on a sneeze screen attachment for our Pig Roast BBQ.

Alan & Anne Dickson
anne & alan dickson