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Collection: Outdoor Cooking Center Attachments

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Tailor your Outdoor Cooking Center to the needs of your business with these easy to use attachments.

  • Looking to protect your clients and staff? The Sneeze Guard attachment is for you.
  • Need to roast 40 chickens every 90 minutes? The Rotisserie Basket Set is for you. 
  • Looking to grill up to 100 burgers at a time? The Grill Racks are for you.
  • Hoping to obtain a Southern BBQ smokey flavour? The Smoke Box is for you. 
  • Looking to hold-hold and serve all in one location? The Steam-Pan Set is for you. 
  • Sneeze Guard Attachment
  • Rotisserie Basket Set Attachment
  • Steam-Pan Set
  • Grill Rack Attachments
  • Smoke-Box Attachment
  • Heavy-Duty Vinyl Cover
  • The Chicken Rotisserie Cooking Center
  • The Portable Steam-Table Cooking Center
  • The Propane Smoker & Grill Cooking Center