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Public Health Announces Guidelines for Caterers

Strict new guidelines are being introduced by Public Health Departments that require that food is protected by a cover or behind a screen.

Sneeze Screens are notoriously fragile, particularly models where the perspex is attached to the frame, it only takes a slight knock or strong gust of wind and the perspex can crack and break. This along with the heavy price tag associated with sneeze guards has led many caterers to avoid purchasing in the past.

Dicksons Catering Equipment designed this outdoor, portable, sneeze screen to be able to stand up to the rigors associated with off site catering. Two strong, powder coated arms attach to any table surface of .5” - 3.5” with a simple, strong clamping system, the 12” x 36” perspex panel slides directly into the supports and is held firmly in place.  It assembles in minutes and no tools are required making it ideal for off site event caterers, farmers markets and food stands.