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Good News for Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets are deemed essential business and are therefore allowed to open later this month, however the complex rules and regulations for compliance imposed on farmers in most regions include that all food items need to be wrapped or covered by a screen is proving a challenge.  At the end of the day nobody wants to buy a plastic wrapped carrot at a Farmers Market so sneeze screens are becoming a necessity.

Ontario based Dickson’s Catering Equipment has developed a sneeze screen that is fully portable and folds flat for storing and transporting. Made in Canada the screen comprises of 2 strong powder coated steel arms that clamp directly onto any table surface of .5” to 3.5” and is ideal for plastic folding tables commonly used by stall holders.  The perspex screen is 3ft long and allows vendors to conveniently pass their produce over the top or under the screen to their customers.  

Shoppers want to see what they are buying, and interact with the grower, the sneeze guard allows this interaction whilst complying with the  Provincial Government guidelines for Food Service, which Farmers Markets are governed by.

Unfortunately some municipalities have decided to not allow Farmers Markets to open at this stage